• Take Your Writing to the Museum

    Like visual artists who study at the feet–or at the canvas–of celebrated artists in museums with notebooks and pen/pencils, writers can do the same. Use your next (or your first?) museum or gallery visit as… More

  • Pacifying Pastimes

    What brings me catharsis is stress-inducing. Video games bring me to seat’s edge, spewing nonsensical words that can only be considered cursing because my kids are there and if they’re not, then it’s lots of… More

  • The Class That Almost Was, and Will Never Be

    For some reason that I’m not clear about, I am relegated to teaching only writing classes. This means that I can only teach first-year writing sessions (two a semester! Or three, if I’m lucky) and… More

  • New To Liberty is here!

    Buy a copy of New To Liberty from Unnamed Press! Please click here to order.

  • Iceland | Summer 2021 | Gullkistan | Part 2

    A while ago, in the inaugural post of my irregular blog, I said I wanted to talk about reading and writing while at Gullkistan, an artist residency in Laugarvatn, Iceland. Gullkistan is the third residency… More

  • Iceland | Summer 2021 | Gullkistan | Part 1

    Welcome to the first post of my irregular blog! Here, I will post about my writing life as it happens. The first post is to recount my writing trip to Iceland and, mainly, to share… More